The SAM A1, a Customisable HiFi Stereo Valve Amplifier

The Sam-A1
HiFi Stereo Valve Amplifier

The SAM-A1 is the first in a family of high quality and beautiful-sounding, HiFi stereo valve amplifiers. All our amplifiers are designed from scratch, from first principles, using modern components to get the best sound from vintage thermionic valve (or tube) technology.

Our valve amplifiers use bespoke, toroidal power and output transformers, designed to match the valves perfectly to achieve the uniquely pure sound that is achievable with valve amplifiers.

Our enclosures are designed to be clean, elegant and attractive; supplied in soft black anodised, heavy-duty aluminium, with no transformers or capacitors sticking up or boxed in on top, so that just the valves that you have chosen to use are on display.

Pure valve sound in a sleek and elegant package

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  • Fully configurable, allowing for your perfect setup.
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  • Designed to make the best of vintage valve technology.
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  • Custom soft-black anodised aluminium enclosure showcasing the valves.
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Designed and built in the UK 🇬🇧

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