⚠️ WARNING! The voltages and currents required inside valve amplifiers can be LETHAL.

Disclaimer: Building and modifying valve amplifiers is dangerous. Valve amplifiers invariably use high voltages, both Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) which are also available at high currents: the combination can kill you.

The amplifiers are supplied with full instructions but it is your responsibility to operate in a safe manner at all times to avoid electrocution of you and others and to use the products safely. The equipment must never be operated with the enclosure opened or with any of the valves removed. We accept no liability for your negligence.

Our audio equipment is assembled to the highest standards and tested thoroughly before despatch/delivery. All equipment supplied is CE marked and all aspects of the design relating to user safety are detailed in the owner's manual supplied with the equipment and in our Technical Construction Files supporting the CE mark declaration of conformity. We accept no liability for any damage or injury sustained through or as a result of either the modification of the equipment or use of the equipment in any way other than for its stated internded purpose.

Remember; valves get HOT! Up to 220C. Do not touch the valves when they are on or until they have cooled down.