About Us

Based in Wimborne, Dorset; we design and build high quality, beautiful sounding Hi Fi audio products based on vintage thermionic valve technology.

We are passionate about valves and the quality of sound they can achieve. All of our products are designed from scratch, from first principles, using modern components to get the best from vintage vacuum tubes or valves. None of our products are copied from old traditional designs that were limited by the technology available at the time and which were often designed and built to minimise production costs.

We use bespoke power and output toroidal transformers designed with and built by a UK company to our specifications to achieve the unique, clean and pure sound that is achievable with valve amplifiers. The enclosures are similarly bespoke designs, made from heavy duty aluminium from 2 to 10mm thick, with a grained and soft black anodised finish for a beautiful elegant look to showcase the valves to their best. Our amplifiers are constructed using fully shielded printed circuit boards to minimise wiring and to eliminate the hum and interference that can be associated with hand or point to point and tag strip wiring. Our PCBs are designed, assembled and fully tested in house.

All of our products are CE marked, with the valves exposed for maximum dramatic effect. You can find out more on our safety page.

Passionate about valves and the sound quality they can achieve

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