Ordering the SAM-A1

Starting from £1,995 for the Bronze Model (incl. VAT).

The SAM-A1 is available as a CE marked, fully assembled and set up amplifier, ready to plug in, switch on and enjoy! All you have to do is decide which valves you would like to start with and if you would like us to configure your amplifier specifically to your taste or go with one of our recommended default configurations. (see our listings on Amazon.co.uk)..

Please contact us for further details.

  • Base configuration Bronze SAM-A1-B

    £1,995 incl. VAT

    • LED biased input
    • Balanced Cathodyne phase splitter
    • Pentode outputs in ultra-linear push-pull, set to a mid bias point.
    • Pure Class A input and phase inverter, Output Class A to AB Push-Pull.
    • Valves: Voskhod 6N1P or 6N1P-VI triodes and Reflektor 6P14P pentodes.
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You can also buy the SAM-A1-B on Amazon

  • Upgrades

    Upgrades available to the base configuration; Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • See our listings on Amazon.co.uk
  • These models include:

    • Higher specification valve choices
    • Higher or lower gain input stage valves
    • Power Supply Upgrade
    • Premium valve selection and matching
    • Premium calibration.

    SAM-A1-S £2,395 incl. VAT

    The SAM-A1-S Silver is supplied with 2 x 6N23P input triodes and 4 x 6P14P output pentodes with a tighter matching (5% or better) and an upgraded Power Supply
    Buy the SAM-A1-S on Amazon

    SAM-A1-G £2,795 incl. VAT

    The SAM-A1-G Gold is supplied with 2 x 6N23P input triodes and 4 x 6P14P-EV output pentodes with a tighter matching (5% or better), premium calibration (signal and gain matching) and an upgraded Gold Power Supply (regulator output capacitors upgraded)
    Buy the SAM-A1-G on Amazon

    SAM-A1-P £3,155 incl. VAT

    The SAM-A1 Platinum is supplied with 2 x 6N23P-EV input triodes and 4 x 6P14P-ER output pentodes with Platinum matching (3% or better), premium calibration (signal and gain matching) and the Platinum Power Supply upgrade (all reservoir and regulator output capacitors upgraded). For the Platinum model we select the best matched and best-sounding valves from all the different types and from the thousands we have in stock
    (prices include VAT at 20%)
    Buy the SAM-A1-P on Amazon

    To ask us about specific configuration of our amplifier or specific vavle selections, please click on the link below:

    Order custom configuration

Delivery times

Our products are built to order with a 10 working day build and test time.
Please contact us for delivery or collection options and pricing.